Prayer Needed-Hurricane Ian

Let us all be in prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Ian. It sounds like its going to be a bad one. If you are in its path please stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Prayer Needed-Hurricane Ian

  1. Regina, please pray for my sister and niece and her family. They are right in the path of Ian, and they have moved to a relative’s home that we are hoping will be more secure for them. My sister didn’t even get to board up her house. I am so concerned about that and am thankful you are praying! Love you, sweet friend.


  2. Oh my dear Regina, I’ve been praying almost constantly for the past few days. Seeing videos on You Tube of the damage is horrifying. May God be with the people of Florida and now Georgia and other further north states that will be impacted. It just doesn’t want to quit.


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